Monday, September 1, 2008


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while. We have been VERY busy! I will just give a quick update. We closed on our house a few days ago and moved in last weekend. We have been busy unpacking, painting, and buying all of the furniture and random stuff we need but our house still looks disheveled, mostly because we have been so busy with school that we haven't had too much time to do anything else. The good news though is that we survived the first week of school. Woo hoo! After the first day I told Chris "only three more years." It's probably not a good thing that I'm already starting to count down, but oh well. I mean, 3 years isn't very long, right? Especially if Dad is right and we are all going to live to be 1000 years old thanks to technological advances, or does that theory only apply to Janae? Haha. Anyways, hopefully you all will come out to visit us soon!