Saturday, July 5, 2008

Alpine Slides

Last weekend I went with my mom and Grandma to the Alpine Slides up in Park City while Chris was studying for the GMAT. We had a lot of fun going down the slides and the coaster. They had this zip line that Grandma really wanted to go on, but the line was too long so we decided not to. Hopefully we will have a chance to go before we move!

At the Alpine Slides there are two different slides and they tell you when you can begin the slide so that they can space everyone out (kind of like a water slide). My mom and I went down the slide at the same time because we were on adjacent slides, and my Grandma was on the slide right behind me. When my mom and I got to the bottom we were worried because we couldn't see Grandma anywhere up the hill. Then they guy behind mom came down and we asked him if he'd seen a grey-haired lady and he replied "yeah, but she's probably going to be a while". We thought this was pretty hilarious, and it was even funnier when we finally saw Grandma slowly coming down the hill with 3 people right behind her! But we were still proud of her because what other 86 year old would even go on the slide in the first place? Plus, according to Grandma she was going a lot faster than she used to, so at least it was an improvement. :)

We also went down this new ride they have called the Coaster, which winds down the mountain. It was a more similar to a roller coaster then the Alpine Slide because it goes a lot faster and the track is like a roller coaster, except you can still choose your own speed. I loved it!

We rode on ski lifts going up the mountain. Mom and Grandma started making fun of me because I started was a little nervous that we were going to fall off.

Tim McGraw

Last weekend I found super cheap tickets to Tim McGraw on Craig's List the day before the concert. Since my mom was in town, she came with Chris and me. I was really excited because I love Tim McGraw! It kind of sucked because we had lawn seats and a couple of giants decided to stand right in front of us, so at times it was a little hard to see. But overall, it was a great concert and I had a lot of fun.

Thanks for coming with us mom! You are the best!