Sunday, October 5, 2008

Updated Pics of Our House

Here are some updated pics of our house, now that we are done moving in and painting.

The messy office.

In case you are wondering, that is Chris' hand in the pic. haha.

My Parents' Visit

Last weekend my parents came to visit. We had a great time with them! We went and saw the memorial where the federal building in OKC was bombed. I definately recommend that everyone sees that at some point. We also went and saw some Roman art at a museum and went to the River Walk in OKC. Sorry, I didn't take that many pics, but here are a few.


One thing that I had about OK is that all of the bugs are freakishly large. I think there is something in the water. :) Here is a gigantic spider that was outside our window. At first Chris refused to kill it, but after repeated nightmeres I had to put my foot down (literally...hehe jk).

The Sky is Falling

One thing that I love about OK is that it has the prettiest sky. Here are a couple of random pics I've taken.