Monday, October 26, 2009


For Halloween Chris and I dressed up as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Our costumes were a little ridiculous as you can see.

Kelsi dressed up like a law school nerd (her husband is also in law school), and Jack was a monster.

Don't worry...the "bump" was just a pillow.

Oklahoma Fair

Chris and I went with our friends John, Kelsi, and baby Jack to the Oklahoma Fair. We ate a ton and I was hypnotized in the hypnotist show. It was crazy!


Chris went with his bros, dad, and cousins to the BYU v. OU game in Dallas. He had a lot of fun (and I was glad I didn't have to go).
Chris wore BYU and OU gear (what a nerd...haha).


It was our friend Heather's B-day a couple of weeks ago. We went with a group of couples to a restaurant called "Pops". Apparently, it's one of Oklahoma's hot spots. lol. It's a restaurant attached to a gas station, and they have hundreds of different types of soda (aka: "pop" if you live in Utah), which is why it is so famous. It was kind of out in the middle of nowhere but it was a lot of fun (and quite a unique experience), and the food was really good.

We got Heather a pinata and set it up right there at Pops. Kesli was really excited about it because it was a "traditional" pinata, and I thought her reaction was so funny that we had to buy it.

Heather and Kesli (We made Heather wear a boa and tiara).

Benny's Wedding

Okay, so I know I should've posted this about 2 months ago, but my bro Ben got married in August in Napa. His wedding was beautiful and I was glad I was able to make it (unfortunately, Chris wasn't able to make it b/c orientation for the MBA program had already started). It was a lot of fun, and it was cool to go back to Northern CA b/c it's been a while since I've been there.

I loved driving around with Logan. He is such a sweet baby!

Ben and Lexy both looked great, and it was such a beautiful location!

Poor Logan hates the sun.

This pic is for Jared and Mark. haha.

Cute little nieces.

Sebastopol. LOL.

Sebastopol house.