Sunday, January 9, 2011

Orlando, Florida

We went to Florida for Christmas with Chris' family. It was a lot of fun. Our camera broke halfway through the trip, so we just have a few pics. We stayed at an awesome hotel, and went to Disney and Universal Studios.
At Disney.

The pool at our hotel.
Christmas morning

Chris bought me diamond earnings for Christmas. He is so sweet.


renee said...

Miss you guys! Glad to see that you had a fun holiday and scored yourself some diamond earrings. Way to go Chris!! You make for an awesome husband:)

Erica said...

Glad you could scout out Disneyworld for the 2013 trip. What place did you like best? Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas!!


Erica said...

I love that picture of both of you! I miss you guys!

Megan Lee said...


Disney is way better than Universal Studios. There's 2 parks at Universal, and we went to the one that had Harry Potter, but the park was pretty small. Also, there weren't as many good rides for little kids.